The Frankel File

Episode 11:'s Editor ponders music, haggling, and moving.

Apr 30, 20120

Hello beach bums! It's another lovely week in Mexico and we've got a giant selection of jams and lots of bargain priced jewelry available, so let's enjoy the rest of this vacation while the sun shines shall we?

Sa-Wrong or Sa-Right
We open this trip with a breakfast interrupted by work, but before you can say approve packaging, Bethenny is distracted by "hermano" and his newest wares. This time Valentin is selling jewelry, and at fairly ridic prices. I love that Jason becomes the closer in this situation. Mr. Hoppy is a cool operator, and refuses to get shook down by "hermano." Good job Jason. You know what they say: there are always more necklaces in the sea.

Later, after their near-death boat experience (I'll get to that in a second), she attempts to get hermano down to an end-of-days discount -- and it worked! I knew B wasn't leaving Mexico without that necklace.

In Bethenny and Jason’s continuing quest for enlightenment, they decide to try their hand at music therapy. Stocked with a plethora of booze and plenty of questions for the music teacher, Bethenny and Jason are ready to rock out with their issues out. I do have questions about Bethenny's idea of putting maracas in instead of breast implants. It seems like a great idea, so I guess I really just have the one question -- can technology make it happen?


I would like to tell you what i think about your show. First of all you are a doll and of course smart but. I would love it if when you are asking jason a question please please allow him to answer, you always interupt, over talk him or answer the question yourself. If you were quiet for a minute and not say a word i bet you would find out a whole lot more. Please let him finish his sentence. watch your own show and you will see what i am talking about. Why do you invite all your girls on vacation with jason and talk about business, this is really not a vacation. I bet jason would love to invite a guy friend when your with your girls. I don't think your staff can really cut lose when their boss is with them on a vacation. I think any women would feel so blessed to have inlaws like you have, you don't really have a problem that they want to see you all the time, the real problem would be if they didn't want to see you at all. I do feel your doctor agrees with everything you say. He told you when you start a family you decide what you want to do like on halloween. I feel since you have a baby it is not all your decision how you want to raise your child, it is something you and jason want as a family, not all what bethanny wants to raise her daughter. I think it is wrong and hurtfull for you to argue with jason about his parents, it seems they just want to allow you into their hearts and you wont allow yourself to be loved. One day i wish you would wake up let the past go and enjoy your life, your husband loves you, you have a healthy daughter and your beyond rich, you have it all, what more could you want. It seems your doctor is not working out for you, hows it working for you, you have the same old problems. bela


I absolutely loved this episode!

The promos made it look mostly sad, but, in fact, so much was HILARIOUS in the true why-I-love-Bethenny format.

Highlights: 1. Bethenny and Jason pretending to be "Marianne" and "Chris" to their new BFF, Liz. I saw here the interaction between Jason and Bethenny that I loved from previous seasons. 2. The "near death deep discount" B demanded for the necklace after the eventful boat ride--too funny! 3. Although there were some tense moments towards the end, as Jason expressed his concern/depression over not finding his life's passion for work yet (and I thought Bethenny was very understanding and empathetic in listening to him and providing good feedback re: how long it took for her, etc), mostly throughout the episode I saw loving glances exchanged often, and a sweet family enjoying being together.

Isn't that what REALLY matters? Not the books, the SkinnyGirl cocktails, all the assistants constantly around, the mag covers, the nutrition bars, the face/makeup products, the talk show.

Maybe just focus on the family and your love for each other??? You want them to be there when the rest is just a memory. Just sayin'