The Frankel File

Episode 11:'s Editor ponders music, haggling, and moving.

Apr 30, 2012

Hello beach bums! It's another lovely week in Mexico and we've got a giant selection of jams and lots of bargain priced jewelry available, so let's enjoy the rest of this vacation while the sun shines shall we?

Sa-Wrong or Sa-Right
We open this trip with a breakfast interrupted by work, but before you can say approve packaging, Bethenny is distracted by "hermano" and his newest wares. This time Valentin is selling jewelry, and at fairly ridic prices. I love that Jason becomes the closer in this situation. Mr. Hoppy is a cool operator, and refuses to get shook down by "hermano." Good job Jason. You know what they say: there are always more necklaces in the sea.

Later, after their near-death boat experience (I'll get to that in a second), she attempts to get hermano down to an end-of-days discount -- and it worked! I knew B wasn't leaving Mexico without that necklace.

In Bethenny and Jason’s continuing quest for enlightenment, they decide to try their hand at music therapy. Stocked with a plethora of booze and plenty of questions for the music teacher, Bethenny and Jason are ready to rock out with their issues out. I do have questions about Bethenny's idea of putting maracas in instead of breast implants. It seems like a great idea, so I guess I really just have the one question -- can technology make it happen?