The Frankel File

Episode 12:'s Editor discusses the ratio of ladies to men at Lucky Cheng's and Nick's new figure.

May 7, 2012

Hello Bethenny fans. Like Bethenny did for Nick, I'm here to help you find the "namaste" in this episode. Let's recap our time in a Maggie-less world shall we?

Adios Maggie
As Bethenny so accurately predicted last week, Maggie decided to quit Team Skinnygirl. It's a strange turn of events (since most people don't quit jobs that take them to Mexico),  but even B mentions that this crazy place isn't for everyone. Julie feels bad that Maggie couldn't hang, but you never really know until someone is in the brunt of their job. God bless you Maggie, wherever you are. I hope your new job is filled with considerably more stability and nothing that irritates your eyes -- if that's what you were after!

This does put the team down another head before Julie leaves, meaning now more than ever it's time for Jason to decide if he wants to be a part of the business.

Jason's frustrated about this working together process, partly because sometimes even though he's handling things he needs Bethenny to throw her muscle around. And it results in another bust up, as they debate if Jason's doing enough. Then at a team meeting, they continue to wrestle over who exactly is in charge of the apartment project. But the bigger issue is who will step in when Julie leaves, as beyond the apartment project there are a lot of other balls to juggle. Jason doesn't want to work "for" Bethenny, and that seems to be the final hold up in the process. . .

Dr. Amador simplifies things by saying that him joining the business isn't complicated -- it's his feelings about the situation that are complicated. Dr. A thinks that Bethenny genuinely appreciates Jason and needs him to be a part of the business, so we'll see what works out.