The Frankel File

Episode 14:'s Editor talks about keeping up your side of the street and Spanish lessons.

May 21, 2012

She gives the poor makeup guy a little bit of the third degree, which is cute. It's adorable to see Bethenny 'back to being a novice when she's been so on top of her game for so long. It's back to the old days of her figuring things out -- and eventually kicking ass and taking  names. It's problem-solving skills like those that make her the woman she is today -- a woman who can use her wiley ways to get out of tight pants. . .Oh Julie, you'll miss this most of all won't you?

At Dr. Amador's, Bethenny discusses the upswing in her life. She and Jason are in a better place, and she had a great visit with her stepfather. And perhaps it's that spirit of goodwill, that leads to a discussion of Bethenny's mother. Bethenny's been pondering the idea of reaching out to her again. After all this time, she admits she's not angry with her mother, but instead just accepts the person that she is -- and is maybe even a bit worried about her. Dr. Amador explains that she's kept up her side of the street with her father (seeing him before he passed), and maybe she should do the same with her mother. Even if her parents have disappointed her, she can do her best to keep up her side of the family. It's all so mature and street-centric. Way to go Bethenny, you continue to be the best therapy patient ever.