Shawn Rabideau

Bethenny's wedding planner talks about the stress of planning the perfect event in four weeks!

on Jun 30, 2010


I knew Bethenny had to have her wedding there and if I didn't come through I would be finished. That was something I wasn't willing to risk. When I got the call from them that they would accommodate her wedding I was jumping out of my skin with delight and I just had to tell Bethenny in person! Getting the cotton candy was my little way of hopefully smoothing things over (let's be honest I wanted to kiss her ass and make her love me) and breaking the news that she had her venue. Her dream was beginning to come true.

There was of course the run in with Cookie (aka Kujo). I am dog lover and in fact have two myself. I can usually tame the most fierce dogs, but not Cookie. I am sure she is a really nice dog, but seriously she has issues and not just with me. She has serious mental issues. I am not a puppy-cologist, but I'd diagnose her with extreme jealousy! It used to just be Bethenny, then Julie came into the picture, and then Jason, and then Max. All the new additions may have been too much for a little dog to handle. All I have to say is she better get a grip because she is in for a serious wake up call when the baby arrives.

After leaving Bethenny's apartment that day I felt better about working with her. I knew the wedding would be a challenge, and I wasn't willing to fail. I knew in my heart of hearts that I was pulling out all the stops, that I was working my ass off and that regardless of the mountains I had to climb in the next few weeks I would succeed. The question was, did Bethenny feel the same?