This 100-Year-Old Woman's Secret to a Long Life? Wine, of Course

Don't even think about taking her wine away.

Reaching a 100th birthday is quite a milestone. Florence Bearse, a Bangor, Maine resident, recently celebrated her 100th with the usual—lots of gifts, balloons, a silly hat, and birthday cake, surrounded by friends and family.

But wait—what's that in her hand? Some apple juice? A lovely glass of grape juice? Nope, guess again. Of course, no party of Bearse's would be complete without "a good glass of wine." In fact, the centenarian says her wine habit is the secret to her long life, according to a WCSH 6 news segment.

"Oh, I like my wine," Bearse says in the segment. "Don't take it away from me."

Bearse, who's known for her "full life" and "no-nonsense attitude," was even gifted with a special wineglass from a very thoughtful soul to mark the occasion.

So there you have it, folks. The secret to a long, full life? Drink more wine.

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