Supermodel Bella Hadid Downs a Shot of This One Drink When She's "Feeling Low"

And she'll drink three espressos before noon.

Bella Hadid is the model of the moment (well, along with big sis Gigi, of course). The 20-year-old face of Dior Beauty has a jam-packed schedule, starting at 6:30 most mornings. So what does this edgy beauty eat to keep herself fueled all day long?

Hadid recently shared the details in an interview with Harper's BAZAAR. And while you might think a supermodel sticks to juices and carrot sticks, turns out this bombshell eats carbs—namely, bagels and pasta. Oh, and sausage, too.

"If I have the morning off, I’ll either make eggs and sausage, and eat breakfast at home, or go to the bagel store below my apartment. It’s so good, and they have so many different kinds of bagels," she said in the BAZAAR interview. "My go-to is an egg sandwich on a plain bagel."

And we're not talking some kind of weird pseudo-healthy version of a bagel, either. "One time I wanted to be healthy and got a gluten-free bagel, but I promise you, they suck," Hadid said.

Apparently, Hadid has low blood sugar, so she has to eat constantly to keep her energy levels up. For lunch, she sticks to the basics. "I’ll usually have salmon or chicken and veggies. If not, then pasta," she revealed. "I like having a good protein meal because I get really tired if I eat too much, so I try to fill myself up with things that will make me feel good."

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Staying hydrated with energy-boosting liquids throughout the day is important, too. Hadid orders lots of green juices and keeps them on set when she's working. And when she gets tired, she turns to shots—but not the alcoholic kind. "I have ginger shots in a cooler, and I’ll drink one if I’m feeling low. I’m also a big coffee drinker. I’ll have three espressos before noon," she explained.

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For dinner, Hadid usually sticks to takeout from her go-to local spot, a casual neighborhood restaurant called Westville. "The sautéed kale is my favorite."

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