This Unbelievably Gorgeous Gingerbread House Will Make You Want to Throw Yours Out the Window

As for us, we're moving in.

So you finally did it: You mustered the guts to build your own gingerbread house at home, and you even went out and bought all the ingredients. And ok, maybe you just ordered one of those DIY gingerbread house kits online, but still: You get major props for committing to a holiday project that's definitely not for the faint of heart.

Wait though: If you haven't started building that house yet, you might want to set fire to the kit and all the ingredients you've so painstakingly assembled. And if you've already built the house, get ready to hurl it out the window, because your gingerbread house, and ours, and every other one on the planet—except maybe this—will never ever look like this gingerbread replica of England's jawdroppingly luxe Waddesdon Manor. Not even close. 

Posh British cookie company Biscuiteers got its staff to spend more than 15 months and 500 hours building an insanely elaborate gingerbread house modeled after Waddesdon Manor, the late 19th-century country estate in Buckinghamshire, England, where Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild threw parties and kept his art collection. The Biscuiteers went room by room to replicate every detail in the house, down to the dinnerware on the table and the paintings on the wall. The most impressive part: Every single part of the model is made out of gingerbread and icing—no cheating. Watch the video to find out how many eggs, and how much sugar and butter, it took to make the house.

The only question left is: Why.

But why ask why? Just feast your eyes on this: 

(via FWx)

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