Gregg Leakes
on Oct 29, 2013

Now it's time. It's time for my bride to come on down and let's do the damn thing!

But, it seems to be taking some time, minutes, it seems like, go by. Oh god, please tell me she didn't change her mind? I signed the pre-nup already. What's taking so long? Oh baby please, please, come through that door!

Then the doors magically spring open and there it was. . .the most beautiful woman on this earth and she is on the way to me!

Kim Burrel floats her down the aisle with her singing. It's on and poppin!

NeNe looked sooooooooooooooo beautiful! The sight of her sent chills all over me! I was silently saying to myself, "Walk faster, walk faster." I saw my sons, standing beside their mother and I was caught up with emotion. When they reached me, I was fighting back tears of joy. I embraced my sons and thanked them as men, first with strong handshakes, followed by bear hugs. Brentt, our only child together, holds a special place in my hear. He is a product of the two of us and seeing him pulled the plug on me holding back my tears. I just could not hold back. Yes I cried, holding my son.

Judge Mathis is marrying us, and I sure hope he is not long winded or I’m going to have to tell him to skip some stuff. Lovingly, we take our vows, with renewed meaning and vigor. The choir sings the Lord’s Prayer and I'm infused with spirit and filled with grace and thankfulness.