You'll Never Guess What Katy Perry Hid in Her Recipe for the World's Best Cherry Pie

It sounds delicious.

Katy Perry isn't known for her subtlety. (See: her new look; her marriage to Russell Brand; every video she's ever made; every outfit she's ever worn.) She is, however, known for always being up for a little fun. (See: the lyrics to “Last Friday Night;” every video she's ever made; every outfit she's ever worn.)

As fans eagerly await the release of her yet-unnamed fourth studio album, Perry apparently gave them a little taste (sorry) of what’s to come by sending a recipe for the “World’s Best Cherry Pie” to subscribers of her newsletter earlier this week, as reported by Teen Vogue. Intrepid fans who've eagerly scoured the recipe believe lyrics from her forthcoming self-professed “hit of the summer” “Bon Appétit” are embedded within the recipe’s instructions.

At first glance, it seems like a pretty delicious recipe for cherry pie. But if you looking closer, you'll notice some out-of-the-ordinary phrases. For example: When making the crust, Perry instructs you “please take your time!” When making the filling, she promises “this pie is gonna hit that sweet tooth, boy,” and urges you to “calm those hungry eyes” while waiting for it to bake. Her last directive? "Bon appétit!"

Just last night on Twitter, she asked her 97 million followers to bake said pie and share the pics with her, “and you may get a surprise.” Fans, of course, responded in droves, and Perry responded in kind with critiques of their culinary skills. (It seems this guy’s pie ultimately won, but we’ve yet to get word of what the surprise was.)

OK, Perry you’ve got us. We are intrigued about your new tune (rumored to also feature Ariana Grande). But we’re admittedly more anxious to test your recipe, which looks pretty legit. We’ll give it a go while we sit around and wait for “Bon Appétit” to drop.

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