Here's What Reza Farahan Eats Every Day to Maintain His 40-Pound Weight Loss

The #Shahs star is "militant" about his diet.

Losing 40 pounds is quite a feat. But maintaining that weight loss? That's an equally big challenge. Just ask Reza Farahan, who's been working out hardcore and sticking to a strict diet since last December to shed those pounds—and keep them off.

The Shahs of Sunset star hasn't let up on his intense regimen one bit, he revealed in a recent interview with In Touch. "So I wake up at 5 AM. I get my iced almond milk latte with no sugar, I go to Gold’s Gym in Hollywood, and I do 30 minutes of a 10 percent incline for four miles an hour on the treadmill,” he shared. He also works out with a trainer in the afternoon, then goes for "a jog or a light run in the evening."

That's a lot of physical activity! And just what does Reza eat to fuel those workouts, other than a daily dairy-free latte? Not a whole lot, it turns out. “I’m, like, militant. Breakfast is three quarters of a cup of egg whites with a quarter of avocado and two slices of Ezekiel bread,” he revealed. “And then I eat three more meals during the day that are all exactly the same.”

Reza has previously admitted to an occasional cheat, however. His guilty pleasure splurge? Frozen yogurt. In fact, he might even indulge in a double portion from time to time. Watch the video below to learn why:

Shahs of Sunset
Reza Farahan Reveals His Guilty Pleasure Food
The #Shahs star is on a diet, but there's one thing he can't resist.

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