Here's our take on (and retitling of) all 14 artestant's portraits showcased on last night's Work of Art.

on Jun 10, 2010 - The Dish0

Jaime Lynn's Portrait of Amanda

Retitled: "Seeing Double: Amanda As Optical Illustion"
Artestant's Explanation: Jamie says "a little bit of glitz" gives the painting an air of "nobility."
Our Snap Judgment: Going with the nobility theme, this portrait could work well as an artsy

Amanda's Portrait of Jaime Lynn

Retitled: "Ethereal Amanda"
Artestant's Explanation: Amanda didn't want to use Jaime's face as an identifying marker.
Our Snap Judgment: Fall Foliage Fail.


I really do appreciate this show as my husband is a classic fine artist (painter) and has been working professionally for 15 years. He also has his BFA and is able to create artwork, show in a gallery, teach classes, along with having a family. He would be great for this show, so please keep us informed on when the next casting call is! Thanks and please KEEP supporting the arts!


I have a question I know it is the first season of Work of Art the next greatest Artist.... I first think it is a success and was wondering what do you have to do to possibly be in the running for season 2? I have been an artist my whole life I am 41 have two BFA's and on AA and worked 17 years in the Graphic field however I have a saying Art is Life and Life is Art...


Bravo, for Bravo for putting a show about art. I was begining to think taht art was a drity word in todays world. My family and I are very much into art, and love that you have a show about it. Thank You Bravo.