They boys will be plating up a whole 'lotta Jersey in Hoboken.

on Sep 13, 2012 - The Dish

Chris and Albie Manzo

Growing up with the Brownstone, do you feel comfortable with the ins and outs of the food and hospitality industry?
For sure. I did things over at the Brownstone for about three years. My father definitely put us through the wringer there and there was no job too little. We were washing dishes, I was valeting cars -- my first job was shining bottles. At the time I didn't understand and now I'm especially thankful for it. We know every part of the business and are not afraid to get involved. If there comes a day when we need to manage it day-to-day, we can do it and we have the ability to train staff and applying a lot of the knowledge we gained at the Brownstone to Little Town.

What do you look for in a restaurant?
It depends on the night I'm looking for. In Hoboken there's a big craft beer crowd. You really have to be unique in a town like Hoboken because there's so many options in a very confined space. First of all, the view we have at Little Town is insane -- you're right on the Hudson River. If you're from Jersey, it'll bring back all kinds of memories. If you're not from Jersey, you're going to learn a lot about it and try new things.

What's one restaurant pet peeve you have?
Filthiness. Honestly I don't mind a rude wait staff if the food is good enough, but if it's dirty, I hate that and I'm not coming back. Also, when it's too loud or crowded.

How would you say your cooking skills are?
I'm not bad! I'm pretty good actually. Once I moved to Hoboken, you realize you're kind of on your own and not getting free meals anymore. My time at the Brownstone -- we had to do everything. I never cooked there, but I learned and saw how things were supposed to be made, like what goes in an oven or what goes under the broiler and things like that. I kind of figured it out by scratch. I like a little bit of a challenge when I cook.