But the 'Actors Studio' host can't choose between his recent guests, George and Brad.

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Since you're probably spending today putting the final touches on the ballot for your Oscar pool, we've decided to give you a little edge, thanks to some tips from the Inside the Actors Studio savant himself, James Lipton.

James recently spoke to the New York Times' Carpetbagger about his picks for this set of statues. However, when it came to choosing between his most recent studio guests, George Clooney and Brad Pit, James can't pick a favorite.

"I think they were both extraordinary, each one giving the performance of his career," Lipton said.

But he's not just being partial, James considers both films his favorites of the year.

"Without question. Descendants is a remarkable movie. And without taking a political stance on it, this is a film, which I think is a remarkable example of true family values," Lipton opined. The movie's maturity seemed fit with George's quest to take on adult roles.

On the other hand on Lipton adored that Moneyball (he loved the Jonah Hill experience as well, it seems). For James, it was the fact that the movie took the regular sports film and turned it on its head. "I think it's one of the best baseball movies ever made -- it's not about someone going up to the plate and hitting home runs," James explains. "It's a movie about an algorithm, a metric system. And you would think on the surface that it would be uninteresting, which is why, for example, it was a movie that took a long time to launch."

As far as the rest of the pack, James, thinks The Artist will be clean up on Sunday night -- but maybe not where it counts.

"For original screenplay, I would say without question, and with all due respect to Woody, who wrote a beautiful movie about Paris, a city I lived in and loved, The Artist," James concedes. "I don't think it will win for best film. But I think the voters tend to try to reward films in other categories when they can't vote for them in the main ones."

And what about the ladies?

"I think that Meryl will win. She is transcendent. Everything she does is worthy of note."

Well the Gorgas won't to argue with that.

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JOHN HURT on Inside the Actors Studio


About 15 or so ago, when Inside the Actors Studio was still part of the New School, Mr. Lipton interviewed the great John Hurt. Nowhere, since then, have I found a copy of that marvellous interview to watch again. Anyone has an idea if the copy could be made available to us, the public?


greg bachelis
greg bachelis

Message for James Lipton. Are you interested in correspondence your father Lawrence had with my great-uncle Ben Marx? PS. I couldn't find a way to contact you directly.