"Who would complain about being tired?" SJP says.

on Jan 13, 2012 - The Dish

Andy Cohen and Sarah Jessica Parker on Watch What Happens: Live
Andy Cohen wrapped up 5 straight nights of mazels, booze, and wild guests last night as Watch What Happens: Live finished its first 5-episode week. So can Andy handle the grueling schedule for the long haul? Sarah Jessica Parker thinks so. The Work of Art producer told TV Guide, "People want to spend time with Andy. "He always seems to have his finger on the pulse.  Everybody responds to Andy — it's this wonderful chemical reaction.

"He's been waiting a lifetime for this moment. Who would complain about being tired, you know?" she added.

Beyond more work, more nights also means pop culture ground to cover as well. "We're gonna have movie stars and music people, and they're going to be talking about anything," Andy tells the mag. Sure enough, this week saw ?uestlove, Robin Thicke, Anderson Cooper, 30 Rock's Katrina Bowden,and Rosie O'Donnell popping into the Clubhouse.

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