The pressure cooker of the finale brings out the sweat and the spice as our cheftestants wok the streets of Singapore.  

Oct 8, 2010 - The Dish

When Ed won the Elimination Challenge, many in the Live Chat were not surprised. "Ed was planning ahead for sure," said Kat. "Wonder if he knew that four dishes wouldn't be enough and thought ahead whereas the others didn't? Go Ed!"

It was then on to that unavoidable time of night accented by what Caitlin called, "Doom music that sounds like Yoga music." Isn't that just a fancy way to say, "Sounds like Enya," Caitlin? As Tom mentioned how tough of a decision it was to eliminate someone who had just made such a long trip to Singapore to compete, some chatterers had no sympathy. Caitlin said she remembered way back to episode one, "When Angelo said, 'I'm going to win every challenge and Quickfire.' So much for that! Sorry Angelo, I think you're going home."

Chatterer dfunkmcgunk, who kindly graced the Live Chat with her presence after a two-week absence, may have summed it up best when she said, "WHOA!" after the judges told Kelly to pack her knives. "Okay, there it is. Kelly goes," commentated captain obvious mgresist.

Next week, the live chat steps aside and opens the door for a special finale Talk Bubble. As partially-reformed party boy (and Live Chat host) JohnnyBravo succinctly put it, "Be there or be non bubble-shaped!"