The MDLLA agent navigates the competitive world of LA real estate.

on Sep 5, 2013 - The Dish0

She might not be an Altman Brothers employee but Heather Bilyeu proves that sisters can do it for themselves. In a new exclusive web series, Heather, who can be seen on Million Dollar Listing with her new fiancé Josh Altman, scores a starring role on The Heather Channel.

The series follows Heather as she makes a name for herself in L.A.'s ultra-competitive real estate business. Her efforts include convincing one very skeptical developer that she is best suited to sell his units and later, an elaborate rooftop party showcasing the lifestyle available to potential buyers of that same Pasadena property.

She also has a run-in with her ex-boyfriend—who eerily resembles Josh Altman.

Of her real estate skills, she says, "If I've learned anything from Josh, it's that you have to be aggressive and go for it."

Watch the first two episodes below and click here to see the rest of the four-episode series.

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rossanne-Please Heather!  Stay away from Josh Altman.  I know the type-He gets everything he wants and you get to do the work and not get what you want. I lived through a Josh Altman relationship and kept hoping that one day he would love me.  All I got was nine years of being used and nothing to show for it.  Some men are incapable of loving anyone but themselves. You are still young and beautiful and SMART-find someone worthy of you.