The RHOA star dishes on whether she'll go back to Porsha Williams.

on Nov 13, 2013 - The Dish0

Porsha Stewart's much-publicized divorce is about to be finalized so it's time for the Real Housewives of Atlanta star to figure out some nitty gritty details—like whether she's going to go back to her maiden name, Williams.

"I'm going to keep Stewart," she said firmly on The Wendy Williams show yesterday, as reported by Wetpaint. "It's not his name—it's my name...I'm a whole other woman now, and I'm going to own that name."

The RHOA star has come a long way from the meeker woman we saw last season who seemed to put everything aside just to please her husband. "If anybody decided to be a 1950s wife, it was me," she confessed to Wendy. "I was an independent woman and had my own responsibilities, so when I found a man I could cater to…that was all me."

These days, it seems like Porsha is all about reconnecting to that independent woman. She has been focusing on her new line of Naked hair extensions, putting the idea of dating aside for now, and "paying attention to myself."

"Marriage has taught me so much," she also said on Wendy. "[I have] no regrets, just lessons learned."

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Porsha is a sweet girl.  I think she got swept away by a bunch of promises that were never kept.  I think she needs to do something with that pretty singing voice.  She's the one  Real Housewife who CAN actually sing so people want to hear it.


Porsha you are so powerful!  Love you girl!  What kind of puppies were you carrying tonight?  They are so cute just like you!



I hated the way Kordell treated you he did you a favor by divorcing you  now you are free to be you

Kittycatcom go remind me of my wonderful daughter...she's definitely independent, although always open to learning more.....I am truly sorry you had to learn such a tuff lesson....unfortunately your experience with marriage was with a selfish controlling monster, yet I do think you held your own while holding on to your principals....not easy to do....what I am perplexed mostly about is why you left your home instead of asking him to leave....wrong move Porsha and apparently your attorney had not counseled you according to Georgia law...even if there was a prenup...anyway, I think it's impressive how well you stood-up to such a mean, shady creep...don't let him slide on anything financial...that's all he cares about...