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In the Mix

Roble: There Will Be Problems

Artie: "Roble is My Client, Not My Boss"

Che 'Gravy': Badderies Not Included

Adam Banks Won't Be Rushed

Roble: What's the Rush?

Kiku: On Fighting with Roble

Roble: Nothing is Going on with Dan

Dan: My Music is NOT About Roble!

Go, Team!

Artie Weighs in on Jasmine's Performance

Jasmine Ali: No One Will Work Harder for You Than Family

Roble Apologizes to Jasmine

Laughter and Love


Tapas Anxiety

Here's Why

Many Hats

And I'm a Fusspot


Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots

Pay for Play

Medieval Madness and Doggie I Dos

Dog: The Justice of the Peace

All Dogs Go to Heaven

You Are Correct Sir


Turn the Lightbulb and Pet the Dog

The Sweet Spot

Throw Some Glitter

All Cried Out

The Burlesque Debacle

Wino Forever

Fun With Sorbet

I'm Not Mean

Cheers and Jeers

Circus Freak

In the Mix

Jasmine knows how to please Jersey girls and discusses her date with Will the mixologist.

Lydia's bachelorette party was a fist pumping good time! Delectable hors d'oeuvres and delightfully effervescent cocktails set it off. Ignore the non-functioning block of ice, mix in games, stir in a stripper, and top off with a sex toy goodie bag and you get very happy Jersey girls!

Dinner with Bevy Smith was the event that truly announced our arrival on the highly competitive New York catering scene. Getting a nod from Bevy is a start-up companies dream! Her influence, connections and taste are highly regarded. Bevy and her friends/guest are the movers and shakers that run our great city. While we did not achieve the synchronized service we'd hoped for --- the menu, wine pairings, and decor were expertly executed. It was a super sexy Harlem affair.

Oh, and about that date, I mean, outing with Will the mixologist. . .He is incredibly intriguing, super intellectual, and wickedly handsome.