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Laughter and Love

Jasmine shares her thoughts on the finale and her love for Rachel Dratch.

Rachel Dratch is deliciously hysterical!! I loved that she wanted a "Casual Elegant" dinner, it was super fun to create. The room was filled with lots of wild flowers, lanterns, and outdoorsy elements. Her guests were extremely warm and had a wonderfully good time. The food, wine, and service was executed perfectly, and it was a great feeling for everything to be so harmonious.

On to the delightfulness that was Malcolm and Tyson's reception. This was by far the event I was most proud of. We had the opportunity to be a part of history and celebrate equality for all people. The room was filled to capacity with guest who love and adore them, witnessing them in such bliss was an emotional and life changing moment for all that attended. Their divine taste allowed us to go crazy in the room -- from a light up runway, freestanding fireplaces, white mask chairs, deconstructed chandeliers, and even lit up displays showcasing images of the couple. A night to remember!

This season was filled with highs and lows. But the sum of it all has truly been phenomenal. Watching my brother share his gift with the world is amazing. I hope that everyone is inspired by all of the love, passion, and drive the entire Chef Roblé and Company crew embody.