Don't Be Tardy for the Recap

Episode 5:'s Associate Editor examines Kim's Goldilocks-esque potty shopping.

May 18, 2012

Parental Control

I love Kim's dad. Of course he comes through as the voice of reason in Kim and Karen's dispute. He managed to stay neutral while trying to diffuse the situation, no easy feat when it comes to a bride-to-be and an angry mother. And hey, Karen came for the fitting this time, so we're making some progress.

The only thing I love more than a good Mr. Zolciak moment, is watching Kroy get defensive of Kim. It's at the same time cute and kind of hot. I don't think you'd want to find out what happens if you upset Kim in front of Kroy. I wouldn't want to see what happens when you make Prince Charming angry.