5 Things Kim Zolciak-Biermann Can't Live Without

A day without Starbucks is simply impossible.

Kim Zolciak-Biermann isn't shy, and over the course of Don't Be Tardy history, we've learned some things she likes, some things she loves, and some things she really can't live without. Check out the 7 loves of Kim's life (besides Kroy and her kids, of course).

1.  Sweatpants

Even though this style choice is enough to make her stylist Shun cringe, Kim is all about her sweats. Comfort is key, and some bright colors aren't so bad, either.

2.  Kroy's Behind

Kim says that Kroy's ass was what grabbed her attention the first time they met, and without it, the Biermann clan wouldn't be.

3.  Gambling

When Kim sees those slot machines, she gets stars in her eyes. Combine slots, Kroy, and $25,000 of spending money, and Kim is in heaven.

4.  Wine

Some say that only caffeine helps the day go by, but Kim begs to differ. Want wine-induced super powers? Have a bottle...or two. 

5.  Starbucks

A day without Starbucks is a worst nightmare for her. In the words of Ariana, "No Starbucks, no happy Kim." 

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