Kim Zolciak-Biermann

Get the scoop on the luggage war with Kroy, Kim's love of gambling, and the Brielle situation.

on Jul 31


OK so let me just say I love Louis Vuitton and I always have, from purses to shoes to luggage and moreā€¦ What can I say? We have plenty of luggage, Kroy is correct in saying that, BUT we all have our own suitcases/trunks, so it wasn't until I was packing for spring break that I realized the twins needed their own suitcase too. Shun to the rescue! She brought over exactly what I wanted (and some additional pieces she knew I would love too). I kept EVERYTHING! Work hard, play hard. I do like to treat myself, and Kroy agrees and he LOVES to spoil me my birthday was right around the corner. 

Scratch tickets... I love to gamble, always have! In Georgia there is not a casino, so the closest thing to a slot machine is a scratch ticket! Every time we head to Destin, Kroy and I stop at the same gas station and get our scratch tickets. I am not sure how much I won this time but I think I broke even. It's all in good fun, and I do it responsibly. 

What a fun trip to Destin, Florida! We have been going there for 10 plus years. The weather is USUALLY amazing, and the beaches have white sand and crystal blue water... This was the first time ever that it rained for three straight days! We all started to go a little crazy after day two, LOL!