The 11 Songs Featured in the First Family of Hip Hop Series Premiere

From "White Lines" to "Love on a Two Way Street"...

There is no question that Sugarhill Records produced some of the biggest and most legendary hip hop hits of their time, but now the next generation is ready to slay the game and make a name for themselves too. In the series premiere of First Family of Hip Hop we heard mega hits like "White Lines" and "8th Wonder", but we also got a taste of what LeA, Darnell, Rhondo, and Shanell are cooking up these days. Check out all the songs featured in episode one:

Melle Mel

"White Lines"

Corey Pieper featuring Darnell Robinson


Rhondo Robinson

"TOK Jump"

LeA Robinson

"Gimme Your Love"


LeA Robinson

"Share the Night"

The Sugarhill gang

"8th Wonder"

LeA Robinson

"Mad That You Left"

LeA Robinson

"Hey Young Boy"

Darnell Robinson

"Not So Low Key"

Shanell Jones AKA Lady Luck


Written by Sylvia Robinson

"Love on a Two Way Street"

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