Chris Keslar

Chris Keslar's thoughts on Jeff Lewis' attention to detail.

on Jun 24, 2008

Hey kids!

So, there were several things that I thought were especially funny this week.

First up: Zoila and the painting. OMFG. Too, too funny. But, OH so awkward!!!

The idea behind having Z painted was a really nice one and actually very sweet on Jeff's part -- a true testament to how much he cares for her. But, presenting the painting to Zoila while having the actual artist present was truly one of THE MOST hysterically awkward things I've ever witnessed. None of us had seen the finished painting before Chris took off the wrapping so when it was finally revealed it was one of those, "OMG. It's so unflattering, but I can't SAY THAT because 1) the recipient is standing to one side of me and 2) the artist is standing to the other side of me! Leave it to Straight Shooter Zoila to bust out with, "I look so ugly! It's so ugly!"