Chris Keslar

Jeff Lewis a laugh riot. Just let Chris Keslar explain.

on Jul 29, 2008

He paused for a thoughtful moment and with the deadpan expression that I would soon come to know (and love most of the time!), he responded:

 "If you work here long enough ... you will."

Jeff Lewis is one heck of a funny guy -- and it is his biting, caustic wit that I will remember most. No matter what's going down, he usually finds a way to bring it back to the funny. He lives his life with passion and with humor. I really do admire that. He surrounds himself with people that are just as colorful and passionate in their own right -- people that can come back at him with the same type of sass! Being able to be a part of his extended family, even for the short period of time that it was, is something that I will always cherish. Despite the drama, despite the dysfunction, what I saw while working in Jeff's world was a lot of love and a lot of laughter.

My favorite memories -- the ones that have left an impression on my heart -- are the ones that weren't captured on camera or the ones that weren't aired because maybe they weren't dramatic enough. I'll miss being greeted by my favorite little guy, Oliver, and giving him belly rubs; seeing Zoila do her Britney Chavez "Gimme Gimme More" dance; cruisin' around Los Feliz in Jeff's pimp-ass cars listening to his fun mix CDs; eating lunch family style with the gang; seeing Jenni morph into her Gordy character; helping Zoila study for her citizenship test; celebrating Jenni on Administrative Professionals Day; having morning coffee talk with Zoila; helping Jeff pick out clothes for guest appearances ... the list goes on and on. These moments are the ones that have staying power with me.