Jeff Lewis

Catch up with Jeff! He talks new season, new attitude, and more!

on Aug 18, 2009

The last twelve months have been extremely difficult for a lot of people, I am no exception. The flipping business has come to a temporary halt. I miss doing what I love, but I know it is only temporary. In the meantime, I had to restructure the way I do business. I began working for clients full time and it has been a big adjustment. I have been my own boss for the last nine years, and I now realize what most people go through in the challenges associated working for other people. It’s not all fun, but I realize I must make concessions and adjustments in this time and I will continue to do what I need to in order to provide for myself and my employees. I continue to stay positive even when I want to feel sorry for myself. When I get depressed, I try to be grateful for what I have even though others have more. I find that most of the time a positive attitude helps, but that sometimes alcohol and emotionally eating work better. I have gained 10 pounds and I don’t plan to lose it until the recession is over. I dream of the good old days when I had more money than I could spend and I could tell anyone I wanted to f… off. I long for the days when I can again tell people where to go without the fear of losing their business and having my car repossessed.