Jeff Lewis

Catch up with Jeff! He talks new season, new attitude, and more!

on Aug 18, 2009

Jenni and I are coming up on our 8th year anniversary together. I wonder what she is going to get me and I do hope it’s not something that will restrict my oxygen intake, cause me extreme nausea, or lose consciousness all together. I admit I probably overreacted when Jenni invited our new contractor to enter my briefcase and retrieve a phone number. I was however, shocked and angry at her poor judgment. Maybe I am acting defensively, but I am still reeling from what happened just last year. Chris, my trusted employee of 7 years, violated all personal boundaries and because of that I have become extremely overprotective. I am sure I will lighten up eventually, but right now I still feel violated after leaving my computer, files, and finances completely vulnerable to prying eyes. Unfortunately, I now have to take precautions and I expect Jenni to do the same. Jenni is my most trusted employee and she now understands in an economy where people are really hurting we have to protect my business. The “free for all” in Jeff’s briefcase can’t happen again.

I am very excited that Jeff Lewis Design is growing and it created a need for additional help. I brought on Trace, our new intern, and he is a perfect fit for our quirky family/office. He is very talented and I hope to someday hire him on as a permanent employee. Rachel, our new administrative assistant, has not adapted so easily but I trust that she will. I know that she ponders on how such an unprofessional group can be so productive. I sometimes ask myself that very same question.