Jeff Lewis

Jeff talks babysitting Chloe, dealing with the Ryan situation , and more!

on Sep 23, 2009

I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon with Chloe and Jenni. In addition to lunch at Lucifer's Pizza (one of my favorites), we also took her to Pinkberry and the pet store. I was told by Ryan not to buy anything, but Chloe really wanted a fish for her room. We named her Teresa after Ryan's new housekeeper. Teresa (Ryan's housekeeper) did not seem amused, but Chloe and I thought it was funny. I had to remind Chloe to feed Teresa (the fish) everyday because I heard she forgot a few times. I find that suprising considering Chloe has one of the best memories of anyone I know. I know that there are a few things that I should not have taught Chloe, but those were all done in the past. I respected Ryan's wishes and did not teach her anything new. "Girls Gone Wild","Chardonnay", and "Hooters" were all things she learned (by me) a year ago. If I had to do it all over, I'm fairly certain I wouldn't make the same mistake twice.