Ryan Brown

Yes, Jeff Lewis is really that crazy.

on Jul 1, 2008

Jeff thinks our office is neat and organized! I'm taking that as a serious compliment people, especially since he was sitting at my desk when he said it. As far as Jeff not believing that we all actually have fun working together, that is hilarious. Laughing is a serious priority since work can get hectic at times, but everyone pitches in, and we work our butts off to get everything done. I am lucky enough to share a desk area with Ryan and love it because we have the same wacky sense of humor.

Going out to lunch with Jeff and the crew is always fun. I must say that when I asked Chris about his iPod, I really was curious about what he was listening to and not trying to get him in trouble. Rap, reggae, house, learning a language? Don't you want to know too? I still feel like I never really got the answer. I obviously hit a nerve with Jeff and it started an uncomfortable argument making me wish I never asked the question.

I have been working for Ryan for about a year now and can tell you honestly; yes he really is that nice. I can also say that,yes, Jeff really is that crazy, but he also has a wicked sense of humor and is very intelligent (traits that Ryan also shares). It is a pleasure to work for both of them and I work even harder for them seeing how hard they work themselves.