Ryan Brown

Ryan breaks it all down and tells you his side of the story.

on Sep 30, 2009

Jeff: “I have shared everything with you”

Truth: Jeff has done far more projects without me over the years than we have done together. He has found and partnered with other investors on many more projects that I could list. He simply has not shared everything with me.

Jeff: “I made you."

Truth: My work speaks for itself. I have been in the design field and had my business longer than Jeff and I have worked together. I have a body of work well above the projects that Jeff and I have done together. I’ve been in the business for over 10 years, Jeff’s design business is about 8 months old.

Jeff: “Ryan was using my name to advertise and get people to his website."

Truth: Per Jeff’s request, and in an attempt to help him out, I purchased a website for him. My office and I spent weeks putting together everything for him. Since I already had an established site with many visitors each day, I added very clear and prominent links from my websites to Jeff’s – and he knew about these. My website sent tens of thousands of people to Jeff’s site over the months that I had links up for him. About 6 months ago, he changed his mind, and asked me to remove all links from my site to his – which I did. I took them down and removed his name from my sites & advertising the very day he asked me to.