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Answering Jeff's Prayers

Intern Trace talks fashion disasters, gives his take on the latest episode.

After watching episode six, I decided to purchase a floor length mirror and to no longer take fashion advice from the “helpful” sales associates at Barney’s. They clearly set out to make commission and “answer (Jeff’s) prayers.” You know when you have one perception of how you look before you leave the house and then you later realize just how off the mark you were? Well just be thankful your mishaps don’t happen on national television.

But I would like to go on record and state that I’m very proud of my bowtie necklace.

There was never a dull moment working in Bel Air on Stradella. We transformed the house relatively inexpensively by switching out some of the hardware, painting doors, cabinets and walls, and replacing the flooring and countertops. The minor changes brought the house up to date and made such a huge visual impact.

Well I’d love to stay and chat but I have to finish working on my finals for school. Good news, HR accepted my request on having a day off to work on my projects.

PS. If anyone is curious, yes, Jeff still uses “Pearl Necklace” every chance he gets.