Signing Off on Season 4

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Signing Off on Season 4

Our Senior Manager of In House Operations thinks Jeff rocked "Kitchen of the Year."

Season 4 is a wrap! You'll have to wait another six months before you see fresh footage of me eating on TV. They sure packed a lot of action into this episode -- New York, three different projects reaching completion, minor squabbles, white flies ... fun stuff. The "Kitchen of the Year" was an impressive set up, and Jeff totally rocked it. It was cool to see him build a kitchen straight out of his imagination without needing to appease any clients' wishes. Hopefully he can start flipping his own houses again soon so we can see more of that. 

While the whole office was across the country galavanting all over New York City, the Director of In House Operations and the Senior Manager of In House Operations got along just fine. We had some leisurely lunches, shared stories, Zoila taught me some bad words in Spanish, and we worked at our own pace. It was a nice break but the crew was back soon enough and it's been busy busy ever since. Cheers!