The (Dysfunctional) JLD Family

Trace shares his favorite part of working with Jeff (hint: it involves alcohol).

A lot can happen in six months – especially when you work for an obsessive-compulsive boss. When the third season of filming the show wrapped, I was hired part time as an associate designer. Still in school, I balanced my classes and homework with my professional life and still tried to hang on to as much of a social life at twenty-two I could squeeze in.

Cocktail hour is a perk I look forward to each and every day. Since we are a small design office, we all wear a lot of different hats and work long hours. With that comes the need to be replenished and somehow a dirty martini is not only very satisfying at 5:00 but also rewarding. There is something I don’t find as satisfying, and that’s talking about what kind of bikini wax Zoila plans to get.

We have been working very close to each other and spend a lot of time together. The people at Jeff Lewis Design are like my family. And much like many of yours, mine is dysfunctional more often then not.