'Out' Takes

Episode 6: Bravotv.com's Assistant Editor counts down this week's top three moments.

Aug 9, 2011

No. 3 Voted Off the Island

Well it looks like we'll be getting a lot more Jett the rest of the season given the recent turn of events, and I'm pretty stoked. We haven't seen nearly enough of everyone's favorite rocker dad/house assistant. Jett's totally that under-the-radar guy who's calm and level-headed yet is still down for a good JLD prank or a dirty martini.

However while I'm thrilled he avoided being handed a pink slip (haha!), the moment when Jeff basically tells Jett that Gage voted for him to be laid off was pretty awkward (and that's quite a feat at JLD). As relieved as Jett might feel that he wasn't let go, he must have been simmering with some serious resentment towards Gage, with whom he's now going to have to work closely. That is just rough for both parties. Jeff really might want to look into some team building exercises (though he probably shouldn't start with trust falls).