Jenni Pulos

Jenni Pulos isn't sure about her new HR position.

on Sep 18, 2012

I understand males think about sex constantly, but Andrew talks about it constantly! This has caused a real problem in our workplace. His internal edit is malfunctioning easily, and with Jeff as inspiration, we could find ourselves in some legally unpleasant territory. Gage questions Jeff’s need for employees as "in-house entertainers."

Jeff receives my thank you note for his very real support. We have a long history. Hope he enjoys the gift of El Pollo Loco chicken!

Lisa G, our new client, stands up to Jeff Lewis like no other. Jeff wants to raise her Calabasas remodel budget -- “I am not raising the fucking budget!” Jeff gets the message.

I talk to our contractor and try to sweeten the deal to lower his bid by offering my costumed rapping services at his children's parties.