Jenni Pulos

Jenni recaps the HR nightmare between Zoila and Lupe.

on Mar 19



At Gramercy Jeff wants his domestic divas, Zoila and Lupe, in competition.  

So add Maria and give Zoila a title: House Manager.

He is hoping this trio will provide an in-house Telenovela.

Zoila uses the word "puta" in regards to Lupe and the games begin.

"I don't clean anymore. I'm the boss." This is Zoila's way of flexing her management muscles. 

Lupe's admission of five guys in one weekend piques Jeff's interest.  

Jeff says he's jealous and silently wonders how she'll have the energy to clean.


A new client list is requested, and Jeff says we need small jobs that pay the bills.   


Off we go to Jeff's Grandmother's house in Fullerton.

Patty is concerned with my added baby weight at six and a half months.

I'm feeling like a balloon in the Macy's parade getting helpful hints.

Andy can't stop giggling.

Jeff wants to redo her dated kitchen starting with the cabinets.

Andrew has a rough close encounter with Patty's four legged  and very energetic dog, Lucy.