Was Diana's Point Valid?

NeNe shares her thoughts on the Diana/Marlo drama.

This episode blew me away!

First my meeting with Mr. Trump: Mr. Trump and I met during my time on Celebrity Apprentice. We had this connection that I’m happy to say lasted! I find him really cool. We all know he's been married a few times and divorced, so I thought who better than Mr. Trump to seek pre-nup and blended family advice from! His advice was pretty much what I was thinking: GET A PRE-NUP!

My lunch date with some of my Atlanta Bridesmaids: This was supposed to be a Sex in the City lunch with my girls to celebrate my getting married again. Diana Gowins is a longtime girlfriend of mine with whom I've shared a lot. We have been really close over the years. I love her like a sister! We like to call her the protective one, the security, the gate keeper, and Miss Territorial because Diana always questions when someone new is around. She has an uncomfortable attitude when new people are introduced into our circle. I wanted to tell all the girls who I had chosen to be in my wedding just because, but they certainly had no right to tell me who can or cannot be a part of my special day. Don't get me wrong, these are my friends and I do cherish their advice, but I’m a smart woman and I get it! Diana feels Marlo is around to ride off my coat-tails or to try and seek out opportunities that I might have. Is her point valid? It might be and it might not be, but one thing is for sure: I have two good eyes and I’m a good judge of character, so have no fear, Diana, I got this!

The session with the kids and Dr. Jeff: This was explosive! This had been years in the making! I'm just going to say a few things and let you guys do the talking, because this is a touchy situation and I really don't know what to say other than this: Divorce is hard on everyone in the situation! The way Gregg and his ex-wife chose to divorce and be bitter with each other produced hurt children. I hope our situation helped someone watching and hopefully some of you were able to see my point, Gregg's point, and Damien's point!

Thank you for watching and please continue to tune in every Tuesday night at 9pm!

NeNe Leakes

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Gregg on Prenups: "That's E-nup Already!"

Gregg shares his thoughts on the prenup, the bridesmaids, and the new wedding planner.

Tonight’s show was packed with action. The prenup is something I don't see the need for, since we're not going to ever divorce again. A long time ago, remember when I had the cash and I was king, I didn't even think about such a thing. Things WERE different back then. I realize we know each other a whole lot better now since our divorce and the battles we went through. We went through some real sh--! I just feel like when we divorced, we didn't have a prenup then, and yes we went through it, but our disagreement was never over who got what or who paid what. So to me, a prenup is for what? But OK, I get it. If it makes you feel better about preventing future arguments, so be it, bring on the prenup. Truth is, WE WILL NEVER USE IT!
Did Peter give me good advice? Actually he did and I really did appreciate it. His advice helped me to say out loud the many things I know I failed in doing in this marriage. Although, his take on a prenup was a non-issue with him. I get it people. I get it!!! Bring the damn thing! Now let’s move on toward our wedding day. That’s e-nup already!

The bridesmaids? Oh my. What in the world can I say? Where in the world can I began? Hellooo, you’re there for the bride!!! Hellooo! Whoever wants to be the greatest among you ladies, let her become the least. That’s the winner of the bridesmaid prize. But until you girls get it, what is this, Round 3 or 4? Wonder when the knockout is coming?
The wedding planner? Needless to say, Ms. NeNe isn’t happy right now. She feels lost. She doesn't see anything happening that will give her the assurance that her day will be what she expects it to be and nothing less. My NeNe is all hands on, and that's hard for some people to take and do business with. When your couple is where we are with just a few weeks remaining before our blessed day, you can’t have a planner who just doesn't mesh with her client by not fulfilling her client’s needs in the manner the client feels she needs it. Even though I had faith that she would be able to deliver, the ultimate stress factor kicks in hard. As I asked, how in the world are we going to pull this wedding off if we don't keep her? NeNe found the answer in Tony Conway, and boy did he deliver in a gangster Old Hollywood way. They got each other immediately and man was that comforting to this soul. Now, can we all just get this train moving and moving fast? Time is a wasting, y'all!
Well, the relationships between my kids and wife seem to be are improving every day. It’s becoming a way of life for us all to communicate better. I wish I had blended my family from the start, the proper way. Man, I could have avoided all of this. If you're in this situation, fix it NOW!
Love is in the air. We are going to have a big ole wedding in just a few weeks, and my bride is happy, happy, happy. Yea!!!
Now that's my take on things, and I’m sticking to them.
G. Leakes

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