8 Things We Learned About 'The Walking Dead' From IAS

by Rachael Roberts
February 12, 2016 • 1:44 PM ET
When it comes to getting deets out of guests, no one does it quite like James Lipton. So when the cast of The Walking Dead appeared on Thursday's Inside the Actor's Studio, Walking Dead Heads - and Dixon's Vixens - were in for a treat....
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Lauren Cohan Reveals She Almost Quit 'The Walking Dead'

by Megan Segura
February 1, 2016 • 1:45 PM ET
For Walking Dead fans, one of the most crucial scenes occurs in Season 3 when Maggie must deliver Lori's baby via C-section, knowing the procedure will likely kill her. This powerful scene is also the moment when actress Lauren Cohan, who plays...
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15 Times Bryan Cranston Ruled Twitter

by Rachael Roberts
November 12, 2015 • 2:59 PM ET
Whether breaking bad as Walter White, making us laugh as Hal on Malcom in the Middle, or cleaning Jerry Seinfeld's teeth, Bryan Cranston pretty much rules the small screen. But TV this isn't the only screen that he's rockin' lately - the star...
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#TBT: 8 Pics of Sarah Silverman Before She Ruled Comedy

October 22, 2015 • 7:44 PM ET
So much of being on Inside the Actors Studio is looking back. As we can see from the clip above, Sarah Silverman's hilarious and controversial humor started at a young age. What better way to celebrate Sarah's IAS appearance on October 22 at 8/9c...
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Five Things We Learned About Jim Parsons on 'IAS'

June 18, 2015 • 9:01 PM ET
Jim Parsons is famously known as Sheldon from the 'Big Bang Theory,' but there is so much more to the man behind the super genius. Jim opens up to 'Inside the Actors Studio' about his life, including everything from how too much television as a...
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Sting's Greatest Hits!

October 22, 2014 • 6:03 PM ET
From selling more than 75 million records worldwide with The Police to his own illustrious solo career, Sting is truly a rock 'n' roll legend. Listen to the best from this music superstar here:
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