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Flowers, pets, and other items that can bring your home to life.

It’s simple, really: if you want to bring some life into your home, then just bring some life into your home. We need life to bring us joy and also to calm our mood after a hectic day — pets, flowers, and plants can do just that, removing stagnant energy and breathing life into a space. Personally, I bring life into my home with plants, fresh cut flowers, and my two dogs. A few tips if you want to do the same:

- A clear vase filled with small gray or black river rocks can be a perfect home for your flowers.

- Accent your plants with moss and a variety of different pots. Personally, square pots are my favorite.

- Plants are a great way to visually complete the corner of a room, bringing some life and color.

- Plants add tons of curb appeal too. A house in Los Angeles we are currently working on has undergone a beautiful transformation by Jeff Lewis and his team. We are now adding hedges and greenery outside to make the space completely private and inviting. The home will be taken to the next level and be even more incredible by implementing plants, grass, and hedges.

- Let pets roam and make your home your own! My cattle dog Lulu and pug Janet make my home cozy, inviting, (and a little hairy) but they are so worth it! Dogs, cats, birds, or even fish bring life and great energy into your home. May your life be filled with love and your love be filled with life!