More Than Meets the Eye

Ryan's Not So Sexy Style

The Costello Cackle

Operation Love is a Success!

Jeff's Childhood Nightmares

The Bickering Beechers

Hayden's Home Takeover

Jeff Conquers the Castle

Jenni's Near Death Experience

Barbara's New Kitty City

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When Jacuzzis Fly

Big and Plenty

Color Without the Cans

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Back to Life

More Than Meets the Eye

Jenni was surprised by how hands-on Ross was with the construction.

"You're the problem here," says Jeff to Ross.
Super gay makes Jeff super squirm.
Sal and Ross are a couple who need space.
Sal needs a voice in design and life.
It is very clear Ross rules this roost.
Jeff says Ross's way or the highway is not healthy.
Dictatorships are not ideal relationships.
Jeff makes Ross come out of the garage.
Ross says "tick tock" about our work and my face is not pretty.
Ross likes the jackhammer a lot...more to him than meets the eye.

Who knew Ross and I would do a big hose duet?
Everyone watches me jump in a dumpster -- just another day in Hollywood.
Speed concrete brings on the margaritas!
Zolia comes over to support Sal removing Ross's clutter.
Donate is the word.
Ross and minimalism are not yet a match.
His controlled upbeat reactions to our first efforts do not sit well with Jeff.
Jeff uses the word "fake" to Ross about Ross and then says sorry.
170 concrete slabs and no time and that’s just the beginning ... nerves set in.
Our crew works round the clock.
Zoila's dusting becomes X-rated.Cheap closet doors are not Jeff's thing, and they are banished for mirrored improvement.
What was once a catch all garage now has life as an extra room/work space for Sal.
Their yard has become an alfresco dining room ready to entertain.
Interior Therapy has combined their design voices.
Two voices!
Jeff has a new BFF and survives the group hug.
Ross and Sal, we loved making you happy and giving you a new outdoor space!
We had such fun-zees for real-zees!