When Jacuzzis Fly

Jenni stopped breathing when the crane carried the jacuzzi over the roof.

Mark and Yeni live in the Hollywood Hills with their doggie.

This is a "his house I moved in to" situation.

Mark's eco-friendly three year rebuild is way too Taco Bell for Jeff.

Yeni's visual voice is not even a whisper here.

Going from my house to our house needs a start point.

Mark gives Jeff the hands-off message regarding "his" interior.

"Don't touch the walls… I've written a book" is our shaky start point.

Mark uses his humor to dominate, bully, manipulate, and control.
Jeff admits he's getting a real look in the mirror.

Mark instructs Jeff he is not allowed to touch one room in the house.

We breathe a sigh of relief when Yeni wants an outdoor Jacuzzi.

It's time to share, Mark.

Yeni needs encouragement to speak up, and I need my monkey suit.

A voice at Disneyland needs her voice heard at home.

Luckily ground control of Major Mark does not extend to the backyard.

Shopping Jeff finds what he thinks is the perfect outdoor spa.

No, Mark wants the jumbo Boogie Nights party tub.

Jeff’s choices are challenged at every turn.

Trusting Jeff is not part of Mark’s game plan.

Mark likes the peeing boy and squirrel holding a nut fountains.

Things Jeff will most definitely leave in the store.

A water fight has me feeling wet, wild, and five. I feel refreshed (not really) after having my head dunked in the algae water.
Jeff has had it with this back seat decorator

At the house Mr. List Mark hands Mr. List Jeff a list of instructions.

I have a front row seat for some serious fun.

The ultimate micro manager has met his match.

Mark's techno, weirdo, I don't know instructions freeze Jeff in his tracks.

Jeff says "one chief," and Mark and Yeni are off to the hotel.

Mark does not want to go.

Giving up control is painful for Yeni's papa bear.

This micro manager needs a rest.

Rosie the electrician has to put the pedal to the metal.

A very large crane has to drive up a very small street to install by air Mark's selection -- the 2000-pound Jacuzzi.

Of course the crane isn't large enough.The UFO hanging over Mark's house may not make it into the backyard.

The Jacuzzi, thanks to some well-positioned ropes, is a serious swinger.

I stop breathing.

Jeff feels the need to vacuum.

Zoila and a massage chair have a close encounter.

She tells Jeff she wants one for Christmas.

We barely make it for a late night reveal.

Mark says, "Gorgeous," and Yeni squeals, "This is definitely me."

We end Season 1 of Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis, a show I am so proud to have been a part of. Thank you to all who tuned in, all the couples/families that shared their space with us, Zoila for being the queen of cleaning, and to Jeff for being the ultimate roommate.

Until we meet again!

Jeff's Childhood Nightmares

Get Jenni's take on the toy-filled house.

Flying Sofas

We venture to Echo Park California.
Jessika is an artist and Christian a Visual FX Producer.

The place is full of Jeff's childhood nightmares.
They were married by the Easter bunny, which Jeff finds freaky.
Disturbing dolls and shocking art is not Jeff's idea of serene.
Eyes are everywhere and Christian is worried they are headed to Grey Gardens.
"Piling up crap," Jeff says.
It is a kitchy e-bay explosion.

Christian is completely uncomfortable in his living space.
He has a bar and a beer before going home. Jeff says it looks like an insane asylum.
Shock value and attention.
Cutting because you don't have a voice.
Cluttered, dirty, and dark.
This is not a grown up space.
It’s dark and some of the art is depressing.

Christian wants a space to entertain, but Jessika has a hard time letting go of the clutter.
Cutting yourself as performance art.
Giant soup tins come crashing down the stairs.
Daddy issues are mixed with decorating.
Christian needs to express himself in the décor.
He needs an adult living space.
But he’s a pushover with Jessika...can he be more present?
He wants to open up and have a voice.

Dinosaur with a doll head is now in the dumpster.
Interesting, Jessika does not need to work to be that way.
Let go of the toys....causes a fight.
They need a balanced relationship, 80/20 is not where it's at.
Christian and Jessika go to the hotel.

The scary rats have to go, so do the creepy dolls.
No more eyes here, there, and everywhere. Jessika says leaving your comfort zone is a proof of love.
Art is subjective.
This is an "ah-ha" moment. I can see clearly now...there is evidence with that eye test.

The reveal leaves Christian "speechless" and Jessika says it is "amazing, sophisticated... mind blowing."
Bringing the family together.
Making Jessika's art something that can shine and Christian now feels at home, which hopefully will help their issues and relationship

Interior Engagement:
Two ladies en route to a proposal.