Jenni Pulos

Jenni was very proud of Barbara for letting go of the cats.

on Jul 16, 2013

Our week with the Perrin family proved to be challenging from the moment we walked in the door. The house seemed to carry a very stagnant energy that Jeff and I needed to help shift. Barbara and Jay carry a full load between raising three kids and being a parent to seven cats. When we confront Barbara, she seems to check out. Jay is eager for a change, and it seems as though if there isn't one by the end of the week, it could ultimately affect their marriage.

Jeff and I decided that the cats should get a home of their own, and the garage seemed to be the perfect new kitty paradise city. The kids were all allergic to cats, Wyland suffered the worst, and Jeff and I made a decision that by the end of the week we would try to find a better home for 3 of the cats and convert the garage to an office/kitty city. The smell in the bedroom was unbearable (dry-heaving), and the house seemed to be dominated by... kitties.