Jenni Pulos

Jenni recounts the remodel of the "House on Haunted Hill."

on Jul 9, 2013

Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis Destination: Tujunga, California

Jeff thinks Pol and Patrik are living in "The House on Haunted Hill."  I think we are in the middle of "BFE." The name Tujunga is assumed to mean "old woman's place" in an extinct Native American language. I swear, I did not make that up!

Jeff says "Grey Gardens" before we walk into the house. We meet Pol and Patrik and Pol's dainty canine companion, Snow White. Pol is identified by his partner Patrik as "the design problem." Jeff says "it feels like an abandoned crack house" looking at all the dirt and decay. We sit down with them and Jeff is carefully diplomatic, but truthful. They are living in chaos and Patrik says they fight about it all the time. Looking at the state of this house Jeff wonders if they are being honest. They talk about their lifestyle, which makes Jeff think they're loony. Jeff tells me he is looking at over ten years of serious household neglect AND WE HAVE FIVE DAYS!