Jenni Pulos

Jenni recounts Ryan and Jodan's relationship and design issues.

on Sep 10, 2013


Ryan and Jordan live in Encino, California.
According to Jeff, Ryan is a huge prick married to a pushover.
His decorating is cheesy and early ‘90s.
The living room has 1989 details that have to go.
Ryan tells us his home is his idea of sexy: it says "take your clothes off."
A titty vase and books of butts and boobs.

Turns out Ryan is obsessed with sex and being thin.
This inspires Jeff and I to go out to eat and max out on carbs.
Fettuccine Alfredo, anyone?
We bring major carbs back to share, and Ryan is not amused.

His beautiful wife Jordan endures Ryan's way or the highway technique.
"You should have seen her body before I married her."
Her "Dumbo" ears are sore and healing after a fix that he demanded.
"Stop being so strong or I'll knock you out."