Brad Words

Episode 3:'s Associate Editor breaks down Brad's best pearls of wisdom.

Jan 17, 2012


Let's just say Brad's new assistant, Lindsay, is not exactly comfortable behind the wheel. To be fair, when your only previous driving experience was in a small town in South Carolina and then you're thrown into LA traffic, there's probably going to be a bit of a learning curve. Though I was kind of confused as to why her GPS kept rerouting her. Was she driving in circles? Was SIRI playing a cruel joke on her? Was there nowhere to pull over so she could get her bearings? And I'm pretty sure yelling at the GPS to give you the right directions isn't going to fix the problem.

The lesson here is always leave incredibly early for your first day of work. Better to drive around in circles killing time than drive around in circles being hopelessly lost.

And hey, at least she didn't get into an accident!