Todd Reacts to the Momma Drama

Todd Tucker reveals what went through his head during Sharon and Joyce's confrontation. Did the marital counseling exercise help your communication?
Todd Tucker: No, not at all. Kandi definitely needs a couple more counseling sessions for us to get this together. Who usually makes the bed? What chores do you usually handle?
Todd: Kandi usually makes the bed. I take out the trash and walk the dog. Have you always been close with your mom? If you had to describe her in three words, what would they be?
Todd: My mom and I have always had a best friend relationship; she is my number one. Strong, beautiful, loving. Which wedding cake flavor was your favorite?
Todd: Key lime was my favorite wedding cake flavor. Which wig did your mom end up choosing?
Todd: My mom went with a short dark brown Halle Berry style wig. What were you thinking during the dinner blow up?
Todd: I was like, "Yes finally!" I was happy that my mom could say things that I couldn't say.

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