From the Producer's Podium

Kathy's Talent Producer enlightens us on just how taxing it can be to find hot firemen.

Jun 28, 2012

But meeting last week’s guest was a moment at least ten years in the making. Years ago, my mom called me one evening to tell me she “discovered” (second to my father) the most amazing man. “He’s smart, charming and SO handsome with those piercing blue eyes. He’s a correspondent for ABC News and his name is Anderson Cooper. I think he’s just perfect!” As his career ascended to great heights and success, so did the frequency of my mom’s calls about him. “Anderson’s hosting The Mole! Are you seeing this..? Anderson’s impassioned coverage of Hurricane Katrina is killing me. He is the real deal.” Every time he sat alongside Kelly Ripa, I had indiscernible voicemails from my mom just giggling hysterically, “He has the best laugh, my Anderson.” She still boasts that she was the one who discovered him. Anderson 360 and Anderson have permanent season passes in her DVR. When I was hired to work at Kathy the second thing she said was congratulations. The first? Yep, “Do you think Anderson will be a guest?!?!”

I was super sad that my mom was sick and couldn’t come to the taping, and yet she truly wasn’t disappointed, as she thought she would likely embarrass herself in his presence. Anderson was professional, lovely, gracious, and kind. Thanks to the gem that is Meredith Morris, after the taping she captured this photo, which my mom can treasure always. And by always I also mean all ways. I promptly ordered this image on a mug, calendar (yes, with this same image for all twelve months), fleece blanket, notepad, return address labels, desk organizer, paperweight, serving tray, and deck of cards that under our picture say "It was in the cards." Now I just have to go to my neighborhood drugstore to pick it up from Gail!

Judith Benezra is an Associate Talent Producer on Kathy