From the Producer's Podium

Find out what it really takes to work for Kathy.

on Feb 20, 2013

Anyway, it wasn’t all that bad because we were given the freedom to choose how we were going to die. Everyone’s means of death was the same -- poisoning -- but those last few seconds post poisoning and pre walking into the light were ours for the choosing and people got creative. For example, producer Erin obviously has a bit of a background in the dramatic arts. She went out in the style of a solid Romeo and Juliet remake. She choked, she heaved, she looked up to the stars and then she fell over with grace. Shepard (from front row of the Kathy audience fame) pulled more of a Vizzini in Princess Bride. He took that fateful sip, he drooled, he went kaput with his eyes wide open. Campbell died the way she lived, with her legs in the air (half kidding). I died like a dainty lady -- a small cough followed by a somewhat fancy fall forward involving a hair flip worthy of a shampoo commercial. Or at least that’s what I think I did. I’m generally so petrified of being on camera that I sort of black out when put in the spotlight and only have vague flashbacks of what happened.
And per usual, you know who really got the short end of the stick? No surprise here -- our very own Space Cop, Associate Producer Cole Bruns. You know him. You love him. Kathy likes to torment him. This week Cole looked like an extra from The Walking Dead, which sounds great until Kathy lets her dog/beast, Larry, get involved. Things got gross and Cole is probably going to have to take more than one shower tonight.  But oh well! I guess extra showers and death are just part of the job. So what do you say, Twatters? Still dying to work for Kathy?