From the Producer's Podium

The staff opens up about the vicious attacks on their immune system.

on Feb 4, 2013

Being the helpful co-worker I am, I made sure to bring the bag of drugs with me to our first live show and share with the group. I came in on Friday and Blake asked, “Did that bag o’drugs make it back here?” Not even realizing it was mine. And then before you knew it, I had a line in front of my desk for people to get their, well, drugs.

This was especially useful when both Producer Karen AND Associate Producer Briana were out sick during the week we had Chelsea Handler and Chris Noth on the show. Karen informed us on Monday she was diagnosed with the flu AND pneumonia. Naturally, I immediately googled what pneumonia actually was and we started referring to her condition as flu-monia.

You better believe everyone came RUNNING to me after we realized this was the kind of illness going around. Even now, I’ve been feeling vaguely on-the-verge-of-illness but luckily I have a bag of drugs to try to beat it out of me.

Now I just leave the bag out on my desk full-time. And the lovely “token straight” on staff even helped me re-stock it. (That’s Producer Shep A.K.A. the “This Just In” guy and the Football Expert.)

I hope this doesn’t mean I’d be a drug dealer…