BOYS...BOYS...BOYS and Goodbye Tandrew

"Kelly likes to score us hot boys whenever she can..."

This episode was a wake up call for me that there is more to life than just work. A girl needs to have fun also, and as for the last few months, I am sure I was probably giving off that unavailable vibe. I was so stuck in what I need to do, accomplish and get through that I really wasn't focused on what I needed personally. Fashion week had come to a close and although things are never super quiet at People's Revolution, these past weeks had been a bit slower. I am definitely open to meeting all types of guys and the first one that caught my eye was Lucien -- he was sweet, had great energy and obviously super cute. We had fun and ended up hanging out for a few weeks until he'd had to leave to go back to Seattle. He was inspiring and so far from my reality that it just worked and was a great distraction from my highly chaotic and dramatic life. There was something about him, when I saw him skateboarding down West Broadway that made me scream out for him to come over and hang out. This is definitely not a usual thing for me as I tend to be a bit more shy when it comes to boys, but for some reason I felt inclined to get his attention.

And the fun didn't stop there.. .Emily, Kelly and I had planned to go to dinner and actually catch up and talk about everything NOT work related. We always have so much fun together and Kelly likes to live vicariously through the two of us by picking up boys. Kelly likes to score us hot boys whenever she can and Bar Marche was just another example.... Will the waiter was just doing his job and the People's Rev girls were just asking lots of personal questions. He was really cute and Emily already had enough model boys in her mix and so it was kind of assumed that he was supposed to be for me. Kelly got his number for me and I was supposed to text him to say where I would be at, but as usual Kelly tried to take control of this situation and I just couldn't be that forward... we were acting like young school girls, who couldn't control their laughter. 

People's Revolution is definitely not all about work... we actually do have a lot of fun and now that I was able to get a new person to work on all of my accounts that I actually trusted and knew what they were doing my life would definitely be a bit easier and of course, HAPPIER. Having Andrew quit was a bit of a blessing. As I said, he was never my choice for a full time position, I kind of inherited him as there was no one else at the time and I really thought I was going to lose my mind. I do expect great things, but he wasn't even giving me decent. Although he did try, he just was not at the level I needed. Can you actually imagine having someone focused on work and getting things accomplished in a proper way without being emotional, dramatic and lacking attention to detail? Well, that was the type of person I would be looking for. Stay tuned... as I finally find the right person to for the job.

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